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Male escorts are just the same as feminine Escorts

I was thinking couple of day ago about starting to write my first blog . And guess what question come to my mind first ? Exactly ..what about Male escorts? Is theirjob much different than our females escorts? So i decide to ask one that looking for one online. Weird i know :)) .. But being a quiet night i decide to chat with one and ask little bit about his proffesion.

Of course i did not told him that am running an proffesional escort agency as well , but i toll that i am just a courious possibly customer

By the way women same like mens wanna pay for sex sometimes.

Why ? Maybe to have a good qouality sex with a young stud or maybe with an muscle "SUPERMAN" to validate themselves TO feel sexy and desired, to enjoy the good parts of dating without having to deal with all the relantionship drama , and the list can go on !

That sounds really similar to why men choose to date younger women or female escorts, isn’t it? Well, yes, and the reason is simple, when it comes to our basic needs men and women are the same, and we sometimes choose to satisfy those needs in the company of a professional escort, male or female.

So, if you are a young man thinking of entering the escorting world, and you wonder if there is room for you here, the answer is yes, there is, but only under a few conditions:

You need to be respectful

Don’t be cocky, or disrespectful to the women booking your services. These women are strong and powerful ladies that should be admired for knowing what they want and what they crave for and not being ashamed to go and take it, just like a man would.

Act with respect, put on a nice smile, be as charming as possible, and if the lady is satisfied with your dating skills, then you might be in for regular bookings.

You need to look in top shape

Men look for female escorts that love their bodies and respect it, by taking very good care of their appearance. It is not about weight, curves, or other things like that, is about the respect they have for their own body and the love they choose to give to it. This way they also show respect towards the clients they are dating.

So, in your case you should do the same. We are not saying to go on and hit the gym every day, or go on a diet, or wax your body hair. But what you can do is groom yourself, make sure you always smell fresh, do some exercise to keep in decent shape and dress to impress. Make an effort!

You need to stay honest

Don’t trash talk other people in front of your date, don’t pump up your life by making up lies, only to impress your date. Just stay real, be sincere, and make sure you have energy, stamina, passion, and a spark of naughtiness in your eyes. This will surely win the ladies.

What does a woman want from a male escort?!

The answer is simple: the same things a man wants. She wants to feel listened, admired, caressed, kissed, adored, and feeling fully satisfied sexually speaking. If the client is a woman, that doesn’t mean sex should automatically be like in romance books or movies. No dear, women can also be sex freaks, so don’t expect less when you enter this industry. Expect them to want to try out new sex toys, to have fetishes and to want to experience multiple orgasms next to a man that knows what he is doing!

Are you up for all this? Then you are good to go, take some nice photos of yourself, make a profile on an escort directory, and go have some fun and make some women happy!

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