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Kamasutra Sex positions to enhance your sexual experience 

The sex positions recommended by the Kamasutra are worth trying. Several sex positions are being stated in Kamasutra. Here we are up with the top 10 Kamasutra sex positions and their benefits for the cleints:

Pretzel Dip

Pretzel Dip is one of the top recommendations of Kamasutra that involves direct eye contact with the partner. It helps you in building a connection with your partner. If you're interested in building long term relationship with girl, then having sex in this position can make you  feel satisfied and make the girl addicted to you. . 

Doggy Style 

Another sex position recommended by Kamasutra is the doggy style. This position becomes more effective if done in front of the mirror. This sex position can give enough sexual pleasure to your clients and also make you feel the true essence of sex. It could be a great option to impress men while providing sexual escort services. 

Cowgirl's Helper

The next sex position on the list is Cowgirl's helper. This sex position helps you build an intimate connection with your partner and gives you enough satisfaction. This sex position is not tiring and can increase your capacity to have sex for long. 

The Om

The Om position gives clitoral stimulation to the female. For an escort, this position can give a high orgasm feeling and increase the desire to have sex. This would make your clients feel special as they would enjoy more with you. 


Another sex position is the G-Whiz which improves flexibility and pleasure. This could be an effective sex position to impress your partner. 

Reverse Cowgirl

As the cowgirl position adds pleasure to sexual intercourse, the reverse cowgirl position doubles the pleasure. This is a complicated sex position, but if incorporated, it can result in the extreme pleasure of your partner. 

The Pinball Wizard

If you are  aiming to give pleasure to your partner and want to get sexual satisfaction, then the pinball wizard sex position is the best for you. It gives a feeling of deep penetration and makes the sex adventurous and happening. 


Here is another sex position that is missionary. It is a very intimate sex position that promotes direct eye contact with the client. For an escort, this position can be helpful to build better connections with the escort. 

The Chairman

The next position is the chairman, which allows the client to kiss your shoulders and your neck, and for nipple play, too. It also supports deep penetration and enhances sexual pleasure. 

Magic Mountain

Here comes the last position by Kamasutra, and that is the Magic Mountain. This position helps you to manually stimulate each other with either a toy or directly with your hands. It could be a thrilling sex position. 

Health benefits of a good sex life 

There is no doubt that sexual activities are always considered a major source of pleasure and satisfaction. But, do you know that sex can also help in other ways? Are you aware of the health benefits of sex? Sex is very beneficial for your health in multiple ways. From improving your blood pressure to enhance your immune system, there are several health benefits that sex can offer to your body. Some of the health benefits associated with sex are mentioned below:


Sex is known for boosting your immune system. It acts on your immune system and builds its capacity to produce protective antibodies. These antibodies further improve your body's ability to fight various bacteria, viruses, and other germs. Suppose these antibodies are not released on time; these bacteria and viruses harm your body and cause severe illness. Healthy sex life is not only beneficial for your relationship and emotional health but also boosts your immune system and prepares your body to fight numerous illness-causing germs. 

Boost Your Libido

Several people struggle with severe sexual cramps and could not enjoy the pleasure of sex. Well, the antidote to sexual cramps is sex only. If you have a healthy sexual life, You can boost your libido. Sex acts as lubrication to the vagina and makes it easier for smooth intercourse; it also increases the blood flow to the vagina, making it strong and flexible. Sex can also increase the elasticity of the vaginal tissues and helps a woman enjoy the love-making process. Hence, sex can help you get rid of painful cramps and make you feel pleasurable sex and heightened libido. 

Counts as Exercise

Another benefit of sex is your fitness. Though sex cannot replace gymming, good sex can help you burn five calories per minute. It is an effective and pleasurable way to remain fit and healthy.

So, above were some of how sex can benefit your health. So have a good sex life and enjoy multiple health advantages with Fantasy Escorts Amsterdam. 

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